Baby Beckham’s Fresh 48!

Fresh 48 sessions are very high on my list of favorite things to do!

A Fresh 48 is your baby’s first or second day earth side. I’ll come to the hospital, get all the details of the place and photograph you and your family experiencing the joy of having a new baby. I’ll photograph procedures the nurses are doing, visitors meeting the newest family member, the perfect details of your itty bitty. There are so many opportunities to capture the earliest, fleeting moments in those first days!

Meet baby Beckham! It’s so clear in these images how loved and wanted this little boy is! Warms my heart! His parents got to ring in the New Year with this sweet baby by their sides, doesn’t get much better! Happy New Year to you guys!!

Thanks for looking!

Jameson at 3 months!

You might remember this cutie from a few months back…or you might not because boy, has he grown! I had the pleasure of shooting his newborn images back in September and was soooo thrilled when his parents contacted me for his 3 month shoot!
Not only has he gotten bigger, his personality has grown too! Such a happy camper!
Enjoy this cutie! Thanks for looking!

Cowboy Cake Smash!

Ty is ONE! I was SO excited when his mama asked for a cowboy themed cake smash! She brought a saddle, child sized chaps, a cowboy hat, the works! His adorable cake looked tasty, but Ty had more fun playing with it! Ha!
Check out his gallery  here 🙂
Thanks for looking!

Little Lauren

I can’t get enough of this little model baby! I met her parents while I was working at the hospital and was so thrilled when they took me up on my offer to photograph this sweet girl! Big brother was a blast during our whole session too, he showed me lots of toys, had lots of tricks up his sleeve and had a very curious mind about all of my gear! Ha!

8 Reasons to Get a LIFE COACH!

8 Reasons to get a Life Coach
Holly Jaynes March 2013

Let me start off by telling you, there are definitely more than 8 reasons to get a Life Coach. In the past, I have found myself “stuck in a rut.” And although I knew absolutely nothing about life coaches, I would find myself thinking “I need a life coach!” Now, at that time, it was something I thought didn’t exist. When I found out it was a real industry, I did a happy dance! Sometimes it just seems as if I need some direction! It’s like I was waiting for a sign or a magical fairy god-mother to tell me what I shooould be doing next.
I didn’t realize that I actually already knew the answer!
That brings me to our very first reason….#1!

Reason #1: You already have the answers.
One of a Coach’s main goals is to help give their Client new awarenesses.Those A-ha moments are what we, as coaches, live for! You might tell your coach “I just don’t know why I’m procrastinating on this project so much!” At this point, we both know the truth. You do know why, you’re just not digging deep enough to admit it to yourself. You’re sitting on the surface of your emotions, letting distractions get the best of you, and not really trying to defeat the procrastinating-version of you. Your Coach is going to ask you all sorts of fun questions like, “How will you feel when you get this project done?” totally rekindling your motivation to just get it done and feel some accomplishment! Some of your answers will feel so easy, you’ll wonder why you hadn’t thought of that!

Reason #2: You take it too easy on yourself.
If you are struggling with an issue on the inside – may it be your weight, your job, etc. – you’re very likely to put it on the backburner, take the easy way out, and decide to “worry about it later.” When you do that to yourself, you’re only adding more weight and junk to your already-busy brain. It’s just sitting there, staring at you, waiting to be resolved. And until then, it’s not “worry about it later,” it’s “bother you until you do something about it.” When you seek out a Coach to act as a sounding board for all of your inner-battles, you’re OWNING those battles. You are making them REAL by expressing them out loud to another human being! THAT is the first step to overcoming them. Your Coach will assist you by taking these issues further with powerful questions, making you look deeper into what’s making you feel what you’re feeling and how you can find solutions.

Reason #3: You’re being too hard on yourself!
Wait, What!? Didn’t I just say the opposite? You’re right, I DID! Sometimes, you become so focused on something, you don’t realize how far you’ve come. And this can be very detrimental to your progress. You might tell your Coach about how you’re trying to prepare for this half-marathon this summer, and you’re feeling as if you may not have the motivation to do it. You’re feeling a lack of confidence and you’re running out of steam (no pun intended, ha!). But what you didn’t tell yourself is that – You’ve done a half marathon in the past! In your session, you mentioned “When I did that half-marathon 2 years ago, I never really felt the way I’m feeling now.” Woah! Hold Up! You need to take a minute and CELEBRATE! You’ve done this before! Your Coach will help you see how far you’ve come when you accidentally overlook it. Coaches love to celebrate wins!

Reason #4: Reach your goals!
Each session with a Life Coach has a structure. Included in that structure will be “Create an Action Plan!” You’ll tell your Coach exactly what you want, and the Coach will help you get there. He/She will ask you when you’d like to reach this goal, how you’d like to get

there, and even how to tackle bumps in the road. After you brainstorm exactly HOW to get what you want, both you and your coach will have written down everything you planned and will design a very unique action plan for that specific goal. You’ll leave the session knowing exactly what to do and how to do it!

Reason #5: Create a Team
After you and Coach design your Action Plan, you’ll figure out who can hold you Accountable, or as I like to say, your “accountabilibuddy!” Not only will you have your Coach to help keep you on track, you’ll have new tools to help yourself. In addition, you can find someone in your everyday life to partner with! Your Coach will help you decide who to ask, how to ask them, and how you can teach them to hold you accountable.


Reason #6: YOU are your own boss!
There is something very awesome that your Coach will not do! Your Coach will NOT tell you what to do, what you SHOULD do, or what you’re SUPPOSED to be doing. If you’re looking for advice, look elsewhere. A Coach wants you to figure it out for yourself! Like I said, you’ve already got the answers, it’s just a matter of uncovering them. You won’t be judged. You won’t be laughed at (maybe laughed with!), and you won’t have to feel nervous about your answers. There are no wrong answers in Life Coaching. YOU (the client) lead the way during every session. Wherever you want the topic to go is where it will go! It’s a journey the two of you embark on together.  

Reason #7: Peace of Mind
Most people fighting an inner battle just need to get it off their chests. Now that you’ve taken that first amazing step, you can figure out how to battle it. Talking with a Coach, designing a plan, and following through will bring you to that place you have been longing to be: at peace with the issue! You’ll be filled with the knowledge that you ARE doing something about this…and that should be a huge relief. Now you are prepared and confident to kick that issue!

Reason #8: Confidence

Preparation is really all you need to feel confident and ready! With your Coach by your side, you’ll examine all the possible obstacles to you reaching your goal. Not only will you identify them, you’ll come up with ways to overcome them! Obstacles, shmobstacles!
With all the tools and actions you discovered together, you’ll have no reason to feel defeated when the time comes to use them! Come out, guns hot, ready to show that issue who’s boss!