The Lara Family

Check out these two proud big brothers!

It’s something else to see these little boys gush over their new baby sister! So happy for Elisabeth & Nestor – 3 beautiful kids! Living the dream! And especially now that Elisabeth has a girl to dress up ❤

Cute “B” wreath and crib mobile made my baby B’s mama, Elisabeth! Loved them!

Enjoy their adorable family session!



Newborn Session Information


Hi, I’m Holly! Congratulations on your sweet newborn & thanks for booking your session with me!


Here’s some information for you!


Newborn Sessions can take anywhere from 1-3 hours for the baby alone. The best way   

to prepare for a session is to make sure baby is fed right before our session so that

he/she can get into a deep sleep for those dreamy, sweet photos! It’s best to wait until I am there setting up to feed baby, that way we can get the most out of our time! If you are coming to my studio, please remember to bring formula or plan ahead to nurse your babe during our session.! I can provide privacy for nursing moms as well.
If I am traveling to you: Newborns need a warm and cozy environment to sleep well, so make sure the air conditioner is not set too cool. I will sometimes bring a space heater if necessary to keep baby warm near the set up.

If I am traveling to you, a well-lit room is essential for getting beautiful photos. I prefer a room with a sliding glass door or large window. Please let me know if you cannot accommodate this and we can come up with another plan, such as coming to me or doing an outdoor session!


Props/Special Items:

I bring tons of fabrics, wraps, baskets, flooring, backdrops, etc. to each shoot. Indoor & Outdoor!
If you have something special to you that you would like included in your newborn’s photos, don’t hesitate! I’d love to incorporate sentimental items like a special outfit, headband, stuffed animal, etc. If you can, let me know about it before hand and I can coordinate the set-up as well!

Additional Photos:
I love to include Parents in a few photos with their brand new baby! If you would like this, please be prepared to be photographed also 🙂
If there are others you would like in photos, such as siblings or pets, please let me know! I am happy to include them but it can sometimes make our session longer. I spend the first hour getting as many photos of the baby in 3-4 different set ups. Depending on baby, we can get three set ups done in that time. They do sometimes need to eat or be changed, which comes with the territory, but can add more time. Additional hours after the first hour are $50.

It is listed in our contract that your baby’s photos can be used for marketing Think Good Things Photography. If you have an issue with this for personal or religious reasons, please let me know! I like to tag parents/family members when I post, so don’t be shy and send me a friend request (if I don’t get to you first!)

Think Good Things Information:
Phone 716-867-6498, Text or Call!

From Belly to Baby!

I was so lucky to have been chosen by this pretty mama to not only photograph her maternity session, but her Fresh 48 & Newborn sessions too!

I met Dulce 10 days before her due date – check out that adorable baby bump! I loved learning her story, she found out she was pregnant very early on but still managed to enjoy and embrace the long journey ahead! She definitely had the glow 🙂

(Keep scrolling to see more from her other sessions!)



Fresh 48!
Not too long after our maternity shoot, 11 days (I think?) later – I got to meet pretty little Aubrey at the hospital! It was such a pleasure to get to hold her and see her meet new family members – including her “big” cousin, Beckham, who was just born a few weeks earlier!


Exactly a week later, I was invited back into their home for a proper posed newborn session. Aubrey was 8 days old! She slept well and looked beautiful while she did!! ❤
I especially love the images of Aubrey and her mama, she looks so full of love and pride. As she should!


Because they booked 3 shoots with me, they were given a 25% off discount of the whole package! It’s such a fun way to get all these special moments documented and I LOVE spending all this time with new families!

If you’re interested in booking a package for your newest addition – you know how to find me! Call, text, message anytime!

Thanks for looking!! ❤



Happy Easter!

It’s that time of year….Easter Mini Sessions!


I have to admit, although I consider myself kind of a tomboy, it’s crazy how much I LOVE seeing these littles in their adorable Easter dresses and bow-ties!

Now Booking Easter Minis!
All ages welcome 🙂
In my home studio in Silverton, Oregon. Now through April 10th.
$30 deposit due at the time of booking, the remaining due at time of session!
Call, Email or Facebook to book your session!

Thanks for looking & Happy Easter!


Kyle & Hannah’s Maternity Shoot!

This beautiful couple is expecting their first baby this year, a boy! They came down from Wilsonville to meet me at Silver Falls for their gorgeous maternity shoot! I am so happy with the way these images came out, and can we talk about how perfect that dress is for mama!?! LOVE! Good Luck, Kyle & Hannah (Lucy too!) on your greatest adventure yet!

Holly @ Think Good Things!



Baby Beckham’s Fresh 48!

Fresh 48 sessions are very high on my list of favorite things to do!

A Fresh 48 is your baby’s first or second day earth side. I’ll come to the hospital, get all the details of the place and photograph you and your family experiencing the joy of having a new baby. I’ll photograph procedures the nurses are doing, visitors meeting the newest family member, the perfect details of your itty bitty. There are so many opportunities to capture the earliest, fleeting moments in those first days!

Meet baby Beckham! It’s so clear in these images how loved and wanted this little boy is! Warms my heart! His parents got to ring in the New Year with this sweet baby by their sides, doesn’t get much better! Happy New Year to you guys!!

Thanks for looking!

Jameson at 3 & 6 months!

You might remember this cutie from a few months back…or you might not because boy, has he grown! I had the pleasure of shooting his newborn images back in September and was soooo thrilled when his parents contacted me for his 3 month shoot!
Not only has he gotten bigger, his personality has grown too! Such a happy camper!
Enjoy this cutie! Thanks for looking!


Updated! Check out this handsome dude now, at 6 months old! He just keeps getting cuter and cuter 🙂